At a recent event I was wandering the convention floor when I came across this beautiful and unique-looking pod:

you can put a frigging X-Box in here

you can put a frigging X-Box in here

It’s called Ovei (not to be confused with Nokia’s Ovi), and it is primarily supposed to be used for education and relaxation. You get into the pod, close the door and you are completely insulated and soundproofed from the outside world in a non-claustrophobic way. There are unobtrusive speakers that can play your choice of music, and the lights change colour in a soft, lava lamp sort of way.

You can choose to use the Ovei as a place to do work, read, sleep, learn, meditate, or you can install a games console (I was assured that this is relatively easy to do) and play until you forget to eat for twelve hours. Their rep also told me that they have sold them to places as diverse as hospitals, for overworked doctors looking for a moment’s solace, and advertising agencies, for, em, overworked creatives in need of a moment of inspiration.

Prices range from approx £2K to £whatever, depending how cool and customisable you want your Ovei to be.