The massive oversaturation of Lady GaGa in the media is hard to ignore – be it the tabloids and celebrity mags, regular plays on the radio and almost all music channels as well as anything else from billboards to TV stints late night talk shows. Add to that comments like the one she made on Jonathon Ross (“I have no influences”), her ever-shrinking outfits and general put-on insane behaviour when she’s not really insane, and the result is a large amount of people become irritated.

I admit to liking her myself – I generally enjoy things that are a fusion of music and fashion – but it was on hearing an acoustic version of her oft-played hit Poker Face that she did for Radio 1’s live sessions that I started to really take an interest.

The strong bluesy voice, the genuine joy in her face as she sings and the character she gives the song were all a surprise to me – I’d expected that under all that make-up and autotuning she was an average singer, guided along like a nice little marionette. I imagine it must have been a decision she made early on to give up on this style of singing for what she’s doing now – it’s obviously made her more successful, and she’s never denied that she’s been about more than anything but the fame.

I’ll wait here until she gets through her current Ziggy-style supernova, and hope that she’ll eventually revert to singing like this, but until then I’ll have to make do with the occasional live session.