This advert makes me really, seriously uncomfortable.  I don’t know whether its the unnerving CGI, the fact that I can’t help but feel concerned that the babies are going to do themselves some serious physical damage breakdancing on tarmac, or that the ad’s creators were so lazy as to use such an obvious backing song as Rapper’s Delight.

Still, what do I know?  The video’s been watched more than 8.5 million times, putting it firmly in the category ‘viral sensation’, as marketing departments around the world scratch their heads trying to figure out why this one has caught on and theirs hasn’t.  I’m not sure there’s an obvious rhyme or reason as to why certain virals spread (such as the Cadbury’s Gorilla) and others don’t.  I do know that the Gorilla doesn’t directly make me want to eat chocolate and the babies don’t directly make me want to drink water.  The value these videos create is increasing the value/coolness of the brand itself in the minds of people who enjoy them, and make them something they choose to be associated with.