I’ve always thought that if I worked in an advertising agency that I’d love to have an automotive client – cool product, nice fat budget and a good chance of winning an award!  For me the majority of car ads generally seem to be slick, movie-quality level affairs that feature 4x4s flying around on roof tops or in deserts or some such.  They are also immensely dull, and seem like such a waste of potential considering the sums of money involved.  There are exceptions of course, one of these these being the new Audi Quattro ad by BBH London (and the Skoda that Fallon made out of cake, but that’s another post).

The whole concept is based around grip; and relating the way in which humans know how much grip to apply in different situations to how the Audi Quattro’s four wheel drive system works.  The imagery they use to illustrate the point is a hand (it could be anyone’s hand, which helps you relate) holding a frog, a cricket ball, a tomato, a hammer etc, and all summed up with the ‘independent grip, intelligently applied’ strapline.  This is how advertising should be – a clear and simple message, intelligently communicated.