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At a recent First Tuesday someone in the audience asked Kevin Eyres, European MD of LinkedIn, “what’s the value in taking the time to be on business networking site?”  Kevin’s response was that LinkedIn were looking to move towards being a place where people do business rather than just add connections, an answer that has been cemented today by the annoucement that LinkedIn has taken the plunge using OpenSocial and have added what looks to be some pretty useful apps to their platform.

I’m delighted to see Huddle, a company I mentioned earlier on this year as one of the more useful app developers, has their Workspaces the featured apps list, and I’m even more impressed with the interesting selection LinkedIn has gone with.  There seems to be a degree of overlap between the practical trio of Google Presentation, Slideshare and Box.net with regard to sharing presentations & documents (although there is enough to differentiate them), ditto the very sorely needed blog connecting & embedding pair of WordPress and Blog Link.  Dopplr-alike travel app Tripit (who out of your contacts is where and when) and Company Buzz (who’s talking about your your company and what they’re saying) are good choices too, but I’m less interested in Amazon Reading List – perhaps a del.ico.us app would be a bit more useful, rather than wading through lists of books that “internet visionaries” have put up to look smart (but actually haven’t read).

All-in-all a great move from LinkedIn and a brilliant step in the right direction.