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Twix have got a ‘Get the Girl’ interactive game going on their main site at the moment. It’s buggy (almost every time I play, it freezes at some stage) and a wee bit too cheesy, but in spite of that I can’t help but like it. It involves your Twix-munching “Joe Sixpack” (thanks Sarah) protagonist trying to get the girl-next-door back to his place while avoiding the weird best friend, sexy ex and his own stupidity. A lot of time definitely went into the game, and the high production values and situations held my attention longer than most interactive virals have to date.

Why do they only come back when the place is a dump?

Why do girls only ever come back when the place is a dump?

Twix’s creative agency Nitro are responsible for the piece (and some nice rollover banner ads), which follows from their Chew it Over campaign. I’d like to see a UK version (ideally starring Kirsty Gallagher), but I don’t know that Twix has enough products for sale on this side of the pond to be motivated enough to knock it out.