I’ve just been working with our magnificent web developer Simon here at FRED to make our company site much more SEO friendly. This was spurred on by a discussion I had with an SEO guru I met recently who confirmed that our natural search results were indeed complete rubbish as our site is coded entirely (and nicely if I do say so myself) in Flash. I was unaware that having poor keyword density (the 100% of words on your site that are relevant to the term the user has searched) not only result in awful search results, but also increases the cost of PPC campaigns as Google assigns costs to keywords by relevancy.

Our solution is to scrap our old jobs section and integrate the Google-friendly wordpress in instead so we can help relevant candidates find us more easily. I’m very happy with the results; next step will be to upgrade the internal search function and sample site users to get feedback on anything else we could be doing better.

Recruitment gets lambasted enough for not “properly embracing web 2.0”, so I’m very very keen to talk to anyone who is interested in getting involved in rectifying that.