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Polymer Vision’s Readius

The Readius is a fascinating phone; it has a 5 inch foldable screen designed for reading books, emails and other text, which could make my tube trips less painful. It has no numberpad (it takes phone numbers from your synced Outlook contacts) and no internet browser so all content is downloaded through UMTS/HSDPA connectivity. The black and white screen has some nifty powersaving features and is surprisingly compact. I don’t know that I’d have it as my primary phone, but I’ll have till mid-this year to decide if I want to ditch bringing my book with me on the tube or to splash out on this.


Modu is a nifty little phone that slots into a variety of different handsets, or “jackets”, which change the style and functionality of the phone.  For example, you can add a fashion jacket, a jacket that suits children or elderly users, a QWERTY keyboard-enabled business jacket as well as being compatible with laptops, car radios and other personal electronics.  Jackets will apparently be available at around $40 US, which is quite reasonable considering how much mobile phone covers retail for in today’s market.  I can understand the functionality and coolness of having different jackets for different occasions, but I think the Modu’s biggest challenge will be taking on the new generation of touch-screen phones that have all of Modu’s portfolio of options in one handset.