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I’m really impressed with the online marketing campaign for the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight.  The company responsible is 42 Entertainment, a funky agency that produces original content combined with viral marketing in the form of what they call AGRs, or Alternate Reality Games.  Alternate Reality Games are interactive and (usually) internet based, where users affect storyline progression and outcomes depending on their actions.

42 Entertainment has done up a load of viral sites to promote the film, which started with I believe in Harvey Dent, which spawned I believe in Harvey Dent too (crack the secret code there if you can!) and numerous others, my favourite of which is The Gotham Times as the sites referenced in this are all real sites as well. They’ve really put together an addictive package, and they’ve totally turned me around from not being fussed about the next movie to genuinely looking forward to it. There has been a palpable effort to create a new Batman universe around this new series, and rather than last year’s weakass Superman movie I’m actually starting to get attached to the characters. Well created campaigns like these definitely help to get people to buy in, even jaded comic book cynics like myself.

Also, RIP Heath Ledger – I am very much looking forward to seeing his performance in The Dark Knight, and I am terribly sorry to see anyone go at such a young age. I wonder if this will start a “curse of the Joker” cult rumour – Jack Nicholson may have survived but I think he’s a bit more satanic than poor Heath was…